cars havana

Cuba again.

Just landed in Cuba, two nights in Havana and then out to the Jardines de la Reina. This place really is incredible.  

Elbow are Live!

Pleased to see some of Elbows set from the Eden Sessions are now online. I got to film two back to back shows with them in July. Amazing gigs, both of them. [youtube id="03aQSc7KOaA&list=UUcbR0D0YSyrVRZrwCHSQ0dg"]
sea lion face

The Sea Lions of Isla Espiritu Santo

This a short clip we did for Dive magazine. Isla Espiritu Santo is a small island near La Paz in Baja, Mexico. The young pups are a few months old and very playful. [youtube id="3q8jNh6QlbI&list=UUafHLZkGE_iIF6HpO0eys3w"]

Eden Sessions TV releases

The first of the 2014 Eden Sessions which Fionn worked on are starting to be released on Eden Sessions TV.

Sun Coming Upper - Katrina Leskanich (Katrina & The Waves)

Enjoying the summer sun in Cornwall with Katrina Leskanich. This is the video for Katrina's new Single 'Sun Coming Upper' from the Album 'Blisland' [youtube id="QI5xcuhG5Dc"]

Celtic Crusade part 4

Passing Rathlin Island we cross the North Channel of the Irish Sea and find a berth for the night on Colonsay. The weather was amazing and we had a warm welcome to The Hebrides. [youtube id="OqT-DxTm4Jo"]