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Our You Tube Channel – check it out!

Hey! Check our You Tube Channel. And maybe subscribe too please... it's free! Shark Bay Films You Tube Channel We set this channel up some years ago. however we have never really cultivated a following. But…
Remains of Pacific WarShark Bay Films

Announcing our new documentary series – Remains of War

Our exciting new documentary series - Remains of War. Because in 3 hour long episodes we explore the debris of the merciless battles of World War 2 across the remote islands of the Pacific. Here's a link to the preview video.  80th anniversary…
Underwater stock footage sharksShark Bay Films

Worldwide underwater stock footage

We have a colossal library of worldwide underwater stock footage available. Because over the past thirty years we have filmed in most of the top underwater locations on the planet. Whether iconic sea creatures, fascinating shipwrecks, or intriguing…
Marine filming specialistsCrow Creative Ltd.

An Irish Adventure – Marine filming specialists Cornwall

As marine filming specialists Cornwall, every year we try and have a marine adventure. And our friends at Motor Boat and Yachting magazine are always keen to take a series of magazine articles and videos from us. Past adventures have included…
Cornish based marine filming expertsShark Bay Films
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Cornish marine filming specialists – in Palau

A different project for we Cornish marine filming specialists. Just back from an amazing filming trip to Palau. While most divers go there for the great corals and fish life - plus the sharks - we went on a very different mission. Because…
Marine filming Cornwall and DevonShark Bay Films

Our Boating Videos

Marine Filming Cornwall and Beyond I was flattered and amazed to find a YouTube page dedicated to all our boating videos   They have created a whole catalogue of our history of marine filming in Cornwall and beyond. Motor Boat and Yachting…