Baby Turtle UnderwaterShark Bay Films

The Last Turtles?

So here it is. Our latest film. It's called The Last Turtles? Check out this promo clip... Locations Fionn and I have filmed this over the last 12 months in some incredible locations around the planet. And had…
Nat Geo LogoNational Geographic Channel

Our television sales list

How we sell our films I was recently asked how we sell our films. I have to admit that it's not the greatest business model! When I have an idea I approach my agents with it. If they think that the film will sell then we enter into a distribution…
Cave DivingFourth Element

Promotional Film Production

Here's a promo film we put together from our underwater stock footage for Fourth Element  They used it very successfully at the DEMA show in Orlando at the end of 2019. They played the video on large screens on their stand. So it ran as…
The biggest turtle on the planetBrendan Godley

Leatherback Turtles in Gabon

Leatherback Turtles - Final shoot of the documentary And this is the very last location and the last adventure of our latest documentary project - Filming Leatherback Turtles in Gabon. Check our previous blogs for our trips to Guinea Bissau…
A lot of turtles!John Boyle

Wildlife Filming – Costa Rica

Wildlife Filming... Wildlife Filming is never predictable. They said we'd never get the shots! They said that it took the BBC a year to get their footage. We allowed ourselves a window of 10 days and didn't really hold out any hope. But on…
Green TurtleJohn Boyle

Filming Turtles in Guinea Bissau

Filming turtles on Poilão Island Fionn and I have just got back from filming turtles in Guinea Bissau. It's probably the remotest place I've ever been - Poilau Island, way out in the Atlantic - 2 days on small open boats - it doesn't even…