An Irish Adventure – the videos

Being Cornwall’s Marine Filming Specialists leads to some amazing adventures and assignments. So as promised in a previous blog, here are the videos of our 2022 Irish boating adventure.

We produced this series for Motor Boats and Yachting magazine. You can find the accompanying articles on their website. We were

Episode 1 – From Cornwall to Kilmore Quay



We were blessed with perfect conditions for our crossing to south eastern Ireland. As soon as we lost sight of Cornwall behind us, no other vessel in sight, and the first dolphins playing off the bow,  the pure joy of being alone in the Celtic Sea overwhelmed me. 

Episode 2 – To Kinsale and West Cork


I first discovered the ocean when I was 17 when I spent the whole glorious summer at a schoolfriend’s holiday home on Derrynane Harbour. It was the start of a love affair with the sea that has lasted over 50 years. It was a summer that changed my life. And I dreamt that one day I’d spend a night in Derrynane Harbour on my own boat. 50 years later that dream came true.

Episode 3 – The awesome coast of County Kerry plus the Skellig and Blasket Islands


During that amazing summer, I got occasional work on a boat taking tourists out to the Skellig Islands. On the summit of Skellig Michael early Christian monks built beehive stone huts and dedicated their lives to God in this wild and lonely outpost. They believed they were on the very edge of the world. Some 640 steep steps hewn from the rock climb from the only possible landing on the island up to their settlement – the Stairway to Heaven.

Little Skellig although smaller is far more visible from a distance, shining white on the horizon due to the guano accumulated over millennia of around 35,000 pairs of gannets – the second biggest colony on the planet. Both islands plunge sheer and deep into the Atlantic. Both are incredibly inspiring, atmospheric and emotive places.

So a visit on Cecienne was a must. And we finished the trip in Dingle and with an exploration of the stunningly wild and beautiful Blasket Islands.

It’s a tough life being Marine Filming Specialists!

Enjoy the videos…