Wildlife Filming – South Africa

I’m not long back from a scouting trip wildlife filming South Africa. Something very different to our usual filming locations underwater. This project is definitely land based! An exciting and very different adventure for us. A scouting trip to South Africa’s game reserves in connection with a new film project.

Wildlife filming Kruger

Three headed giraffe!

South African Game Reserves

I’d visited South Africa before, but that trip had been for underwater filming. So I’d never visited the game reserves. But even though I knew their reputation, I was blown away with the incredible diversity and volume of wild creatures.


A comfy perch


It’s hard to choose a favourite creature. But there’s something about warthogs that I love…


I love warthogs

Big cats

Wasn’t lucky enough to see lions – so definitely got to head back for that experience. but a few good leopard sightings.


Lurking leopard

Animals with attitude!

As well as the usual favourites, some of the less popular creatures also grabbed my attention.

Fantastic bird life

There was so much to see that I rarely managed to find time for filming birds. That was a big mistake – again something for the return visit!

Storks perching

One of my favourite shots, silhouetted against the African sky.


Wild dogs

While on the very last morning, just after dawn as I was leaving the park, I met this pack strutting as if they owned the whole Kruger!

Pack of wild dogs

Wild dogs with attitude!

Most incredible encounter?

Out of all my wildlife filming South Africa so far? It has to be an early morning at a waterhole. Ten sleeping rhino, all horns intact. Three hippos in the water right alongside them. And a herd of elephant on the far side of the waterhole. WOW!!!

Wildlife documentary filming

Rhino in Swaziland

From big creatures to small…

Who can’t love the humble dung beetle?

Wildlife filming

Dung beetles are just so cool!

And the elephants

Just so many incredible elephant encounters.

Three elephants


I’ve travelled to many places, but this South African wildlife filming experience ranks among the best.