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Grey whale stock footage

Grey whale – from our Sea of Cortez film

Shark Bay Films You Tube Channel

We set this channel up some years ago. however we have never really cultivated a following. But we’ve just seen that we are only 20 short of the magical number of 500 followers. Because once we reach 500 we can apply to join the You Tube Partner Programme

Massive back catalogue of documentaries

To date we’ve just occasionally and quite randomly uploaded to our You Tube Channel. But now we plan regular uploads. Over the past 30 years under our documentary persona Shark Bay Films, we have produced around 30 documentaries that have sold to television stations worldwide.  Check our television sales list!  Many of these are now out of licence. So we plan uploading these for free viewing.

You Tube Channel Shark Bay Films

Filming in Portugal

Plus countless short films

We have also produced a colossal number of short films over the years. These cover a wide range of subjects and interests. We have music videos, local films, promo films for clients, and series of videos following our marine adventures.  We will be uploading these too over the coming months.


Interviewing Seychelles President for Pirates in Paradise film available on our You Tube Channel

Benefits of subscribing.

Well – it costs you nothing. And every time we upload a video you will be notified. There will be clips and longer films for every interest!

And also check our Instagram feed

To be honest, we have been very remiss about Instagram posts. Our Crow Creative Instagram feed has been totally neglected. But no longer! At least twice a week we will be posting images. Some will be about current events. Others will be albums from different places we have travelled and filmed. And from different jobs we have done for clients. Some might even just be amazing sunsets, creatures, or ocean scenes. Again something for everyone!

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From our Biscay boating series which will be included on the channel