St. Petersburg's Golden Domes

To Russia With Love Part 3

St. last! After all the rollercoaster of departing from Estonia - will we or won't we make it? - yes, we make it to our Holy Grail of this trip - St. Petersburg. According to the shipping agent we are the first of only 4 boats…
Newlyn Harbour - always busy, always colourful...John Boyle

Harbour Video Guide Drone Filming

Scroll down the homepage of Newlyn Harbour's website and you'll find the first video - How To Navigate Into Newlyn Harbour. It's a birds eye view of the harbour, shot from a drone. Narrated by the Harbour Master Rob Parsons himself, it's a…
John Boyle

To Russia With Love Part 2

Here's the second of five videos charting our trip on Cecienne to St. Petersburg in Russia last year. Things start to get a bit sketchy and I begin to doubt if we will ever reach St. Petersburg... And we have our first run-ins with Frontier…
Cecienne at ChristiansøJohn Boyle

To Russia With Love!

Cheesy title but that's what the magazine are running the series of articles and videos under. Part 1 is in this month's Motorboats and Yachting Magazine, and here is the link to the first video of last summer's Baltic adventure! Stage 1 of…
Rustler 37 in the Helford River

Filming Boats - Rustler Yachts

A favourite client... One of my favourite clients is Rustler Yachts. Filming boats for them is a guarantee of a great day at sea. Rustler 37 at anchor, Carrick Roads Rustler have a reputation for handbuilding…
Truk Lagoon Shipwreck Bridge