We have a colossal library of worldwide underwater stock footage available. Because over the past thirty years we have filmed in most of the top underwater locations on the planet.

Whether iconic sea creatures, fascinating shipwrecks, or intriguing locations – we have it!

If you check our documentaries page in this website you will get the flavour of the type of footage we have available.

And check our other persona Crow Creative for other stock footage available.


For “The Last Turtles?” we filmed leatherback turtles in Gabon, green turtles in Guinea Bissau, and

In addition – and perhaps most amazing – we filmed the arribada of Olive Ridley turtles in Costa Rica.

All this footage is available for licence.

Underwater stock footage - turtles

Costa Rica Arribada

Sea of Cortez

What an amazing sea this is! For “Islands in a Desert Sea”, we filmed blue whales, fin whales and grey whales. Sea lions by the hundred. Plus huge schools of fish. And captured some especially  amazing drone footage.

Underwater stock footage

Sea Lions Sea of Cortez


“Castro’s Secret Reef” was acquired by Smithsonian for North America and National Geographic for the rest of the world. Plus was put forward for an EMMY. We filmed a wide diversity of fish and sharks for this project. Plus we captured stunning and never before seen crocodile behaviour.

Whale Sharks

“The Giants of Cenderawasih Bay” is an hour long programme solely about whale shark. We captured some of the best footage of these wonderful creatures ever seen. Plus unquestionably for the first time fever filmed whale shark at night. And we even shot footage of a whale shark being released after becoming trapped in a fishing net.

Whale shark stock footage

Whale Sharks Cenderawasih

Macro filming – Lembeh Strait

Our footage from “critters” has won multiple international awards. Including a once in a lifetime double Palme d’Or at the Antibes World Underwater Film Festival. Because the behaviours that we captured are stunning.


Last but certainly not least, over the past few years we have collated footage of WW2 shipwrecks throughout the Pacific. “Truk Lagoon” is a taster for a documentary series that we are currently editing. Additionally, we have stunning footage not only from Truk but also Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Palau and Vanuatu.

WW2 shipwreck footage


This is just a sample of the worldwide underwater stock footage that we have available…

As marine filming specialists Cornwall, every year we try and have a marine adventure. And our friends at Motor Boat and Yachting magazine are always keen to take a series of magazine articles and videos from us.

Past adventures have included a voyage to Russia. 

And to Norway’s Arctic Circle.

But the 2022 adventure was a lot closer to home. though just as exciting. We set out across the Celtic Sea to explore the south west coast of Ireland.

And it is an incredibly beautiful place. Here are some shots from the trip.

Marine filming specialists Cornwall

An Irish Adventure

Not only is south west Ireland crammed with stunning scenery. It’s also full of larger than life characters. Like Sneem’s goat man!

Marine filming specialists

The goat man of Sneem

Stunning scenery

I guess that everyone has a special place. For me it is Derrynane Harbour, County Kerry. I spent the summers of my youth here.

Marine magazine and video features

Derrynane Harbour, County Kerry

Spectacular wildlife

As well as whales seals and dolphins at sea, the birdlife is rich and varied. huge gannet colonies. And iconic puffins.

wildlife filming specialists Cornwall

Puffin Blasket Islands

Fantastic cruising grounds

Unlike the marina infested south coast of England, it’s rare to see another pleasure boat. And usually you have the ocean to yourself.

Marine drone filming Cornwall

Cecienne passing the Blaskets

Colourful villages

Castletownbere may be one of Ireland’s busiest fishing ports, but that doesn’t detract from its beauty.

Fishing fleet Castletownbere

Magazine commission.

So from our trip we produced a series of magazine articles and accompanying videos for the magazine. Search Motor Boat and Yachting You Tube an Irish Adventure. And share our trip!

An Irish Adventure

The awesome scenery of the Blaskets

Just another project for Marine filming specialists Cornwall. Videos to follow soon.