Cuba Crocodile Underwater

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We are very pleased that our short film – ‘The Crocodile and The Hutia’ recently won a special award in the Belgrade 20th International Underwater Film Festival. The short was edited from a sequence taken from our documentary ‘Castro’s Secret Reef’.

Deep in the mangroves of the reef system known as Jardinas de la Reina or Cuba’s Gardens of the Queen. An ancient reptile, the Crocodile, is on the hunt for it’s next meal. Does the Hutia have the guile to outwit the Crocodile in this 5 minute short.

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Cuba Havana Sunset

We’ve recently got back from a trip to Cuba. This time scuba diving in a region located within the Ciénaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve. Until recently the area has been closed to tourism due to it being a Military forbidden zone and close to one of Castro Fidel’s homes. It has been around 50 years since anybody has dived there.

Cuban Reef with Diver

Most of the trip was spent on a liveaboard which took us to different dive sites, some of which where unnamed. Some of the locations visited include the Russi Wall and Canon de Blanco near Cayo Blanco,  a tiny island no bigger than a strip of sand that drops abruptly into the blue.

Caribbean SpongesWe also dived Canon de Sigua a gradual sloping drop off which was covered in undamaged stunning Caribbean corals.

Cenote Diver


Another highlight was diving a cenote in Playa Larga, also known as ‘The Bay of Pigs’. The cenote (or casimba as they are called in cuba) was named ‘Casimba del Brinco’ meaning “jump”‘, in reference to the 2.5m jump required to enter the cavern. The cenote itself was visually stunning and ethereal, in particular the bright shafts of sunlight that shone through the crack in the top of the cave’s ceiling.

Cenote Cuba Divers

iguana copy

Here is the opening sequence to our latest film released January 2016 and already pre-sold to Smithsonian Channel for North America and National Geographic for the rest of the world. Watch out for it on your television screens soon!

[vimeo id=”152293719″]

shark fin soup 3

This is just a rough clip but thought I would share it because of the stupid amount of sharks swimming about. Cuba definitely has a healthy Shark population.

[vimeo id=”114236617″]

shark fin soup 3

cars havana

Just landed in Cuba, two nights in Havana and then out to the Jardines de la Reina. This place really is incredible.

cars havana