Truk Lagoon Shipwreck Bridge
Tower Bridge from HMS Belfast

“Truk Lagoon: Japan’s Pearl Harbour”

We’re in the very final stages of the edit of our latest underwater documentary “Truk Lagoon: Japan’s Pearl Harbour”.

The online edit is booked at Films at 59 in Bristol in early December.  But before that we have to film our expert historian Saul David, who’s commentary will knit together the film’s story. In addition to being Professor of Military History at The University Of Buckingham, Saul is a well respected author and broadcaster. His involvement will take the documentary to another level.

Truk Lagoon Shipwreck Bridge

Truk Lagoon Shipwreck Bridge

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Most “talking heads” in documentaries tend to be filmed in front of a bookshelf crammed with books.This is somehow meant to accentuate their wisdom. We wanted to do something different. Our first idea was to try and film on board one of the many decommissioned Royal Navy ships in harbours such as Plymouth or Portsmouth which allow public access. However the timescale involved in obtaining the necessary consents ruled that option out. And then Saul came up with a suggestion – how about HMS Belfast?

HMS Belfast

Moored on The Thames, close to Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast is one of London’s iconic sights. The ship is a must- see for any visitor to the city. But surely filming on her would be impossible for us? Fortunately she is owned not by the Royal Navy, but by The Imperial War Museum. Our email enquiry was promptly answered, and followed up by a phone call with the extremely helpful Jennifer Leatherby, Business Development Manager for the IWM. And the result – on Wednesday 21st November HMS Belfast is ours from 5pm onwards as our filming location. So the Shark Bay Films crew will have one of Britain’s most famous ships all to ourselves. Now that doesn’t happen often!

Just can’t wait!