Tom Jones Live Eden

Tom Jones Live at Eden is currently on the BBC iPlayer. It was a fantastic experience to be part of the crew filming it.

Watch it below whilst it’s still available…


We had a great day with The Rosie Crow Band at Cube Recordings. Rosie and the band recorded a couple of live tracks from her new album. After getting used to our new editing software we finished ‘Charlotte’s Song’, and there will be another track to follow soon. If you want to check out more of Rosie’s music you can go to her website.


tj-hughes-and-fionn-crow-at-cube-recording filming Rosie Crow

fionn-crow-editing Rosie Crow


We have been busy doing music videos again. Rosie Crow’s new single ‘Stop Believing’ is out now for download.

[youtube id=”T8ABbo_9iZc”]

Rosie dive

New music video from Rosie Crow, new album on the way too. Check out Rosie’s Crowdfunder page to pre order a copy.

[youtube id=”Q0DrLxpRznc”]

Rosie Crow at Nanjizal

Secluded, beautiful, wild and magical. This is the location for Rosie Crow’s new video.

Rosie’s new album is being written and soon to be recorded and released along with the video. Rosie is Crowdfunding the album. If you want to pre order your copy and see how else you can get involved click here: Album

Nick Pumphrey came down and took some amazing photos. @nickpumphreyphoto

Rosie Crow at Nanjizal www.nickpumphrey.comRosie Crow and Fionn at Nanjizal www.nickpumphrey.comRosie Crow and Fionn at Nanjizal www.nickpumphrey.comRosie Crow at Nanjizal www.nickpumphrey.comFionn at Nanjizal www.nickpumphrey.comRosie Crow at Nanjizal www.nickpumphrey.comRosie Crow and Fionn at Nanjizal www.nickpumphrey.comFionn at Nanjizal

‘Running In The Dark’ is the new Single from Rosie And The Goldbug, it features an incredible performance from Cornwall’s Dean Nolan @Deannolan. Dean traveled down on the night train between shows at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London to throw some shapes for the video. Enjoy!

[youtube id=”5-51DuWvzP4″]

goldbug pink

goldbug village hall shoot

We have been shooting a new music video in our local village hall. The video will be released when the band relaunch in the new year. Keep checking back for small tastes of whats to come.

goldbug village hall shoot

fionn films ellie goulding

fionn films ellie gouldingAnother stunning performance for the Eden Sessions from Ellie Goulding. A whole bunch of the tracks we filmed are now live on Eden Sessions TV. After seeing Ellie live, she has some new fans at Shark Bay Films.

[youtube id=”EO_c7_mXNNw”]

Enjoying the summer sun in Cornwall with Katrina Leskanich. This is the video for Katrina’s new Single ‘Sun Coming Upper’ from the Album ‘Blisland’

[youtube id=”QI5xcuhG5Dc”]

katrina bw


Katrina Leskanich of Katrina and the Waves and Eurovision fame, has spent the day with Shark Bay Films. We have been shooting her new video and single ‘Sun Coming Upper’ The new album ‘Blisland’ is out on the 19th of August. I will post the video when completed.