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John Boyle, Mark Finch, Santiago Cabral

We’ve been at sea a week now after leaving Palma, and already had many adventures, encountering fickle Mediterranean weather including the thickest of fog. We also had an amazing encounter with a pod of pilot whales in the Straits of Gibraltar.

01 Dinner in Palma_DSC011106 Santiago in Almerimar_DSC003205 Fog bound in Almerimar_DSC000908 Pilot whales near the Gibraltar Straits_DSC009609 Gibraltar straits text09 Gibraltar straits text11 Europa Point_DSC0120

There are only two things to do when passing through Gibraltar. Go up the rock to meet the apes – and head across to Morocco!13 Barbary Ape on The Rock of Gibraltar_DSC017116 The Rock of Gibraltar_DSC019617 Barbary Ape on The Rock of Gibraltar_DSC020212 Santiago The Rock of Gibraltar_DSC0145

Had to be able to say we’d taken the boat to Africa! Only problem was that Santiago has a Uruguayan passport and needed a visa so he wasn’t allowed off the boat…23 Santiago on Camel Taxi, Smir, Morocco_DSC025924 Taxi on the quayside in Marina Smir Morocco_DSC0315

With Fionn flying back to UK for a few days it was a skeleton crew of John, Mark and Santiago heading out into the Atlantic tomorrow to tackle the Portuguese coast.John Boyle, Mark Finch, Santiago Cabral