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Jess Ross and John Isaac

We had so much fun making this short film for the National Trust and the World Bellyboarding Championships on a beautiful summers day down at Chapel Porth. Watch, learn and paddle out!

Jess Ross and John Isaac

[vimeo id=”138183611″]

Cecienne joy ride

In the last ten days we’ve voyaged from Gibraltar to mid France.

The pictures tell their own story – amazing ports and harbours, with some long days at sea, and Fionn got the drone flying at last! We also had an interesting midnight encounter when we were boarded by Spanish customs.

Until now there was only one day we couldn’t make some progress, when 3 metre waves sent us scuttling back to harbour, but our luck seems to have run out. We are now storm-bound in Royan, and the next few days forecast is looking grim.

This is just a small selection of images from the latest stage of the trip…

01 Cecienne away02 Portugalbusy working onboard CecienneCecienne entering ZumaiaCecienne joy rideCecienne Zumaia 1Cecienne Zumaia 2Container shipDinner onboarddrone and fionndrone and Cecienneeveryone snoozing 1everyone snoozing 2John passing lighthouselunch onboard 1lunch onboard 2MarinaMark shaving while on the movespanish fisherman 1spanish fisherman 2the boys arrive in France

John Boyle, Mark Finch, Santiago Cabral

We’ve been at sea a week now after leaving Palma, and already had many adventures, encountering fickle Mediterranean weather including the thickest of fog. We also had an amazing encounter with a pod of pilot whales in the Straits of Gibraltar.

01 Dinner in Palma_DSC011106 Santiago in Almerimar_DSC003205 Fog bound in Almerimar_DSC000908 Pilot whales near the Gibraltar Straits_DSC009609 Gibraltar straits text09 Gibraltar straits text11 Europa Point_DSC0120

There are only two things to do when passing through Gibraltar. Go up the rock to meet the apes – and head across to Morocco!13 Barbary Ape on The Rock of Gibraltar_DSC017116 The Rock of Gibraltar_DSC019617 Barbary Ape on The Rock of Gibraltar_DSC020212 Santiago The Rock of Gibraltar_DSC0145

Had to be able to say we’d taken the boat to Africa! Only problem was that Santiago has a Uruguayan passport and needed a visa so he wasn’t allowed off the boat…23 Santiago on Camel Taxi, Smir, Morocco_DSC025924 Taxi on the quayside in Marina Smir Morocco_DSC0315

With Fionn flying back to UK for a few days it was a skeleton crew of John, Mark and Santiago heading out into the Atlantic tomorrow to tackle the Portuguese coast.John Boyle, Mark Finch, Santiago Cabral



flea gopro tube
shark fin soup 3

This is just a rough clip but thought I would share it because of the stupid amount of sharks swimming about. Cuba definitely has a healthy Shark population.

[vimeo id=”114236617″]

shark fin soup 3


Pleased to see some of Elbows set from the Eden Sessions are now online. I got to film two back to back shows with them in July. Amazing gigs, both of them.

[youtube id=”03aQSc7KOaA&list=UUcbR0D0YSyrVRZrwCHSQ0dg”]


The first of the 2014 Eden Sessions which Fionn worked on are starting to be released on Eden Sessions TV.


In the latest instalment we end up on the Isle of Man whilst the TT was on. I have never really been interested in motor sport but that was bloody mental!

[youtube id=”qRVFz_442Hw”]


Katrina Leskanich of Katrina and the Waves and Eurovision fame, has spent the day with Shark Bay Films. We have been shooting her new video and single ‘Sun Coming Upper’ The new album ‘Blisland’ is out on the 19th of August. I will post the video when completed.