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drone in flight

[vimeo id=”129872663″]

We have had a drone for a while now but haven’t had such a good opportunity to use it as this. It was a very nerve racking flight at first, because it was the first time I have flown over water and with innocent bystanders in close range. The location was perfect and there was no wind, and I soon gained loads of confidence. Here is a couple of quick shots from our new perspective. The edit is basic and with no post production but it is a great start.

Cecienne is Johns new boat which we were bringing back to the UK from Mallorca. This is Zumaia on the North Coast of Spain and it was the first real chance on the trip when there wasn’t too much wind and the sun was shining.

Fionn and drone in Zumaia Fionn, Cecienne and drone Cecienne and drone

Cecienne joy ride

In the last ten days we’ve voyaged from Gibraltar to mid France.

The pictures tell their own story – amazing ports and harbours, with some long days at sea, and Fionn got the drone flying at last! We also had an interesting midnight encounter when we were boarded by Spanish customs.

Until now there was only one day we couldn’t make some progress, when 3 metre waves sent us scuttling back to harbour, but our luck seems to have run out. We are now storm-bound in Royan, and the next few days forecast is looking grim.

This is just a small selection of images from the latest stage of the trip…

01 Cecienne away02 Portugalbusy working onboard CecienneCecienne entering ZumaiaCecienne joy rideCecienne Zumaia 1Cecienne Zumaia 2Container shipDinner onboarddrone and fionndrone and Cecienneeveryone snoozing 1everyone snoozing 2John passing lighthouselunch onboard 1lunch onboard 2MarinaMark shaving while on the movespanish fisherman 1spanish fisherman 2the boys arrive in France